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Mind over body – breaking our limits

I am a strong believer of the philosophy of whatever we put our mind to – we can achieve and put into physical action. We all have our human limitations – mentally or physically – but with the right mindset we can defy those limits (not referring to paranormality).

There is a small test to prove this and you can try it!

          1. Stand up, have your back facing a wall about a meter from you.
          2. Stretch your right arm so that it is pointing straight out to the side.
          3. Start twisting your upper body, without moving your feet, to reach your right arm as far back as possible. When you can’t twist anymore, remember the spot where you are stopping by mentally drawing a cross at that spot.
          4. Take down your arm and face front again. Close your eyes. Envision what you just did, envision you reaching the spot by the cross that you just drew in your mind. Now continue to envision that you continue to twist your body ten more centimeters further. Open your eyes.
          5. Now you will do exactly the same thing again. Stretch out your arm and start twisting. You are reaching that cross your arm stopped at last time, can you reach another 10 centimeters just like you envisioned when closing your eyes?

If it did then you have, like me, witnessed a “Mind over Body” experience. A small one, but still.

My point with this is to give an understanding of how powerful our minds can be, it’s not about moving another 1 or 10 centimeters more, it’s about where  you see yourself going and the actual possibility of you actually getting there.

So next time you doubt yourself or limit yourself because of what seems impossible – think Mind over body!


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