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Quote #16 – Life is short, buy the shoes

For moments when you can’t decide!


Successful? You decide!

ImageSuccess is a place we all want to reach. But in too many cases success is confused with career, money and wealth.

How often have you not heard “He’s got a really nice job, he is so successful”, “Oh yes, she is very successful, she’s making so much money”?

Why do we automatically connect success to made up titles, fancy words on a paper and large numbers?

To me success is made by each individual. If you live your life the way you want to, and in a way that makes you happy and complete I would say you are as successful as you could be. Even if you left your job to start something new with no money, you’d still be successful because you’re living your dream! Even if you left all you friends to discover the world you’d be successful because you’re doing exactly what you’ve always wanted to do.

So if you ever thought that you have not reached success yet, think again. Every small thing you do that makes you happy is making you successful. Remember and acknowledge those things because they will give you so much more than money in the pocket.

Quote #15 – Some pursue happiness. You create it.


Inspiration from my newly bought Kosai Jeans.

This reminded me of that we sometimes are too focused on pursuing things in life when we actually can spend our time creating what we want to pursue. Today I choose to create.


2013 resolutions


Time to celebrate the last day of 2012. Take a moment to toast for our accomplishments but also for the moments that did not turn out as we had planned. We look ahead for new commitments, promises and goals for the new year. Our new year’s resolutions – and we all know how they usually end up!

I find it quite amazing though how we each year get back up again, with new energy and belief in that this year we can make it!

So what can make this year’s resolution end up in better result than last year, and the year before that?

This is what I am going to do. Instead of making a longterm promise, I will make my resolution short-term. I will wake up each morning and tell myself what I need to do exactly on that day in order for me to be happy or feel good.

In the end that is what new year’s resolutions are about right? Living a better life, feeling happier and more successful than we did last year?

A lot can happen in 365 days. Today, when I see the whole new year in front of me, I may think that I will be happier to have a six pack by June, which means I probably need to work out at least 3-4 times a week and keep a healthy, strict diet until then. But what if I have kept myself too busy at work for a couple of weeks in March that I have barely had time to see my friends, and have had no time working out for a few weeks, and what would make me most happy at that moment would be to sit down with some friends and have a nice dinner? But doing that would make me feel guilty since I would really need to work out in order to fulfill my 2013 resolution, and not doing so would make me fail my promise.

If you take things day by day, you will know what your needs are for that day. Whether that is waking up thinking “Today I will run 10 km” or “Today I will lie on the sofa and eat chocolate while watching 10 New Girl-episodes” we have one promise to fulfill within one day that will make us equally happy. And doing either thing would be a success and make us feel good.

So tomorrow when we wake up, let us all have a smile on our face and make our first 2013 resolution which will result in an even wider smile when going back to bed the same night.

A very happy and successful new year to all you Upwalkers out there! Now – time to toast and celebrate!!


Mind over body – breaking our limits

I am a strong believer of the philosophy of whatever we put our mind to – we can achieve and put into physical action. We all have our human limitations – mentally or physically – but with the right mindset we can defy those limits (not referring to paranormality).

There is a small test to prove this and you can try it!

          1. Stand up, have your back facing a wall about a meter from you.
          2. Stretch your right arm so that it is pointing straight out to the side.
          3. Start twisting your upper body, without moving your feet, to reach your right arm as far back as possible. When you can’t twist anymore, remember the spot where you are stopping by mentally drawing a cross at that spot.
          4. Take down your arm and face front again. Close your eyes. Envision what you just did, envision you reaching the spot by the cross that you just drew in your mind. Now continue to envision that you continue to twist your body ten more centimeters further. Open your eyes.
          5. Now you will do exactly the same thing again. Stretch out your arm and start twisting. You are reaching that cross your arm stopped at last time, can you reach another 10 centimeters just like you envisioned when closing your eyes?

If it did then you have, like me, witnessed a “Mind over Body” experience. A small one, but still.

My point with this is to give an understanding of how powerful our minds can be, it’s not about moving another 1 or 10 centimeters more, it’s about where  you see yourself going and the actual possibility of you actually getting there.

So next time you doubt yourself or limit yourself because of what seems impossible – think Mind over body!

Quote #13 Every day is a new beginning.

The Upwalk

We often think about what might have been and what does that lead us to? It sure does not lead to anything good, because in the end it will only lead to regret. And who wants that? Instead, think of it this way and keep repeating it to yourself when you tend to fall back to the same pattern.

Every day is a new beginning. Stay away from what might have been and look at what can be.

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Quote #12 from Pranahansa Yogananda

“The season of failure is the best times for sowing the seeds of success”

-Paranahansa Yogananda

Top 5 websites for inspiration

It’s officially fall as the days are getting darker, shorter and colder, at least for us living in the northern parts of the world. When these times of the year come around we tend to need to surround ourselves with even more inspiration than usual to keep our motivation up to speed.

So let’s fill up with a whole bunch of new inspiration that will make our motivation  last all winter. Check out the following websites where we at the Upwalk currently take our inspiration from:

  1. StorytellersForGood.com
    This site does not inspire for the day, they inspire for life. Storytellers For Good is a team of passionate journalists and photographers who seek to use their skills to inspire optimism and change. They aim to tell and promote stories of people and organizations making a positive difference.
  2. DesignSponge.com
    Looking for something new? Then this is the place to go inspiration hunting. DesignSponge shares creativity and ideas within several areas, from interior design, traveling guides to work life tips and tricks and much more! Whatever inspiration you are in need for you will most likely find something to boost your creative mind with at DesignSponge.
  3. TheCreatorsProject.com
    Do you love sharing news and keep up to date with creativity, culture and technology? The Creators Project is the network platform where you can share and get inspired by others creativity. This is the new era of creativity.
  4. KarmaTube.com
    Time to take inspiration a bit further? Karmatube is dedicated to bringing inspirational stories to light, using the power of video and the internet to multiply acts of kindness, beauty, and generosity. The world could never get enough of this kind of inspiration.
  5. Kickstarter.com
    Are you curious about new creative projects? Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects, everything from films, games music to art.Kickstarter is full of ambitious, innovative, and imaginative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others.

Which websites do you turn to for inspiration? Feel free to share them with us and our readers. Let’s get inspired to inspire!

*Photo in this post is taken/fully owned by the very talented Lukas Derving, check out his photos at LDview. His photos should not be used in any commercial purpose without his consent.

Quote #11 – Be not afraid of growing slowly

In life we tend to stress and hurry. We hurry time, ourselves and even people around us. We think that our surrounding demands us to think quicker, develop faster and deliver promptly.

Here is a quote that I would like to share with you, that made me think, that the pace I’m moving right not might just be okey…

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still”

– Chinese Proverb