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11 Reasons a 23-Year-Old Should Run Your Social Media

Two days ago I was checking the headline news of LinkedIn and my eyes were drawn to a headline about Social Media, a topic I’m naturally interested in since it’s what I do in my everyday work.

I was appalled.

The article was called  “11 reasons a 23-year-old shouldn’t run your Social Media“. Hmm… interesting I thought. I started reading, open-minded, I kept on reading trying to understand the point, kept on reading – and I got upset.

With all due respect to Hollis Thomases‘ expertise and experience within Marketing and Digital Media, but this article has really taken a wrong turn.

The idea of her article was to make a point, quote:

“Just because you don’t understand social media doesn’t mean you should forfeit all common sense and hire your niece, nephew, or any other recent college grad (say, your best friend’s sister-in-law’s kid) because “they’re really good on Facebook.”

And then the article continues to trash down on 23-year-olds and newly grads? OK – I see and understand the point that Hollis intended to make but I don’t see the connection between the point and the rest of the 11 points in the article.

We at the Upwalk support the capabilities of the young, the potential of the newly grads, the creativeness and boldness they bring. All they need is someone more experienced to give them a chance and who believes in them. Who are our future leaders if not them. And how can they become these leaders if they do not get a chance today?

I would consider myself being successful in my career, if I didn’t have experienced leaders around me who believed and trusted me when I was 23 and a newly grad, I would not be where I am today. Because when I was trusted, I took responsibility for myself, for the company I work for and its brand.

Trying to make our point, here we happily share with you 11 reasons a 23-year-old Should run your Social Media:

  1. Born experienced.  The generation of today’s newly grads has grown up with Social Media which gives them far more experience and basic knowledge than anyone before Generation Y. With that basic knowledge combined with a degree within an appropriate field (i.e. Marketing, Business Administration, IT etc) a newly grad would be the perfect fit for this role.
  2. Global and constantly connected. This new generation is born to be digitally, globally and constantly connected. There is no nine to five for Generation Y. Instead of boundaries they are flexible, and with the right flexibility they can be the perfect profile for your company to be constantly connected and available towards your customers.
  3. Communication skills are critical. There’s a difference between communicating digitally and traditionally. When working with a Corporate Social Media you need to know both of these worlds. A generation grown up in a world while the “digital language” was developed and still learning the traditional language in school, this generation has a good insight in both of these worlds.
  4. P2P instead of B2B. Through their private Facebook or Twitter account this generation are naturals at communicating with people online. You want your customer to follow you online. Who is sitting behind that company that is your potential customer? A person. Going by the right strategies this new generation will turn B2B around and make it more about P2P (People to People) which will generate more sales and strong relationships.
  5. Network & Visibility. Having had a lifetime to stay connected the new generation have already established large, global networks. Networks which most likely include potential customers, suppliers or  future partners.
  6. Passion. Newly grads are fresh from school and will more than anyone take the chance to show the world that they are good at what they do. The new generation does not choose studies after status, they get their status by choosing their studies after passion. Nothing can beat the hard work that passion brings.
  7. Ready for change and development. Technology changes fast. And so does development of social media and new tools. The new generation are used to be quick at learning, and by staying connected they will be ready and acceptable of new changes and developments.
  8. No class can replace on-the-job training. So hire this newly grad so they can get that training in making theory to practice. They will learn a lot from you, and you will learn a lot from them.
  9. Young entrepreneurship is growing. They may be young but today’s generation are both young and business minded. Young people are starting up businesses more than ever. If they are willing to learn about driving a business on their own, they will definitely be business minded enough to be the external face of your company.
  10. Social-media savvy is not the same as technical savvy. Good social media requires a combination of both. Well, isn’t it fantastic that social media is so huge among young people that they are already used to the tools and productions requirements that comes with it?
  11. No chances – no success. Young people are known to be bold and risky. There is nothing bigger than being the first at something. Failing is a risk, but succeeding is a great chance!

When hiring anyone, whether it is a position for Social Media Marketing, Human Resource or Warehouse Operator, a good manager and work place would look surpass age, sex, ethnicity etc. and focus more on knowledge, experience and intelligence.

To all you newly grads who are looking for job opportunities in today’s tough job market – never give up, The Upwalk’s got your back!


Live life and make every moment count!

This post is about lifestyle. It is about experiencing what life has to offer and in doing so, truly living life to the fullest. It’s about constantly bringing more to life… more happiness, energy and pleasure into our own lives and the lives of those around us.

As we only live once, one should live life to the fullest. Whether it is following your dreams no matter how big or small they are, do what you love, make time to enjoy the simple things in life, try new things, find a passion and pursue it or eat great food and spend quality time with good friends. Above all, make every moment count. There are so many ways to live life to the fullest.

By doing so, the most important thing to have in mind is the attitude. It has to be positive because your attitude determines your altitude. This saying refers to flying because the attitude or orientation of the plane determines how high the plane can fly. It is our attitude or the orientation of our thoughts, which determines just how high we can fly! This goes with success in life. This means, if you aim high, even if you don’t reach the moon you’ll end up by the stars.

I’d like to leave you with a quote by Gary Ryan Blair, a goals coach, saying:

“We only live once, but once is enough if we do it right. Live your life with class, dignity, and style so that an exclamation, rather than a question mark, signifies it!”

So what have you got to loose? This is your life. Live for today!

The Upwalk welcomes Katherine to the team


I am thrilled to welcome Katherine as a permanent writer at the Upwalk.

Katherine Medenilla holds a Bachelor’s degree within Work Science and Diversity. She has a passion for Human Resource Management and an interest to help others to develop and achieve their personal targets. This makes her a perfect contributor to the Upwalk.

She will be your coach to inspire you, no matter if you’re at your low or high she will motivate you to go the extra mile.

“I am happy to be a part of the Upwalk team. Not only will I help others but I also see this as a chance for my own further development. As much as I hope my readers will benefit from me, I’m confident I will get back from them.”

Check out Katherine’s first post on the topic personal development later today!

It’s Monday…

Meaning it’s a perfect time for a fresh start and making things a little bit better than last week! Whether it’s about coming to work on time, making your to-do-list more effective, applying for 1 more job, tweeking your personal letter a bit more or maybe just taking one more hour of just relaxing.

We all sometimes just need a reminder that we can make our everyday things better, even if only by an inch.

And a good way to start is doing everything you do with happy feet!


Happy Monday everyone!

Hurray it’s MONDAY!!

Did you wake up this morning looking like this…

or like this…

My guess is that the majority of us at least felt like the second one, myself included! But why? Why should Mondays be so much worse than any other day? Why not make Mondays just as good as Fridays and Saturdays?

From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, whether hearing the rain pattering on your windows or glimpsing the sun rays permeating your blinds, you have a choice. A choice to make the day a good one or a bad one.

All this nagging about Mondays have been disturbing me for a really long time now, and I do it too! Last time was probably six hours ago! What’s worse is that this grumbling, whining and pestering over Mondays rubs off. Poor those people around us who actually woke up with a smile on their face.

I say STOP!

Next week and all the other coming Mondays from now on I will assume to rub off on positivity to generate creativity, effectivity that hopefully ends up in good results! I will wake up thinking HURRAY it’s MONDAY!

Who is with me?

Internet forced to take the downwalk?

This morning my colleague asked if I knew what “legacy code” meant. I didn’t know so I said I would Wiki it for him… I had my computer right in front of me so I typed in “Legacy Code Wiki” into the Google search bar, and clicked on the link that would lead me to Wikipedias page. I was met by a black screen and was not able to find what I was looking for. Wikipedia had blocked their page. It was their way of standing up for their existence and beliefs.

This captured my interest.

Yesterday evening my boyfriend told me about SOPA, but I was too into my writing to listen to what it was. But today I listened and he showed me this video.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Seeing things like this really scare me. Does educated people with political power really want to walk backwards. Whatever happened to fighting for freedom of speach and breaking borders? Exchanging knowledge and sharing thoughts and truths?

I’m sharing this to show that I support the freedom of Internet and believe in the Upwalk! Not what seems to take us down the downwalk…

Generation Next – Generation Now on the job market?

Has Generation Next become Generation Now and what does today’s employers need to do to meet their needs?

Generation Next, also known as Generation Y or the Echo Boomers, is the group of people that are born in the 80’s or the 90’s and that are just taking their first steps and entering the job market. This is my generation, the generation that has now become a hot topic because of our special (specific might be a better word) needs on the job market.

According to a study made by United Minds this generation wish to have the following in their job:

  • Order – but not stagnation
  • Assurance – but not boredom
  • Status – but no hiearchy
  • Flexibility – but with clear structure
  • Openess – but with integrity
and the most important factors in our dream jobs are:
  1. High salary
  2. Gives development & new knowledge
  3. Engages
  4. Flexible work hours
  5. Challenges

When reading this my first thought is… we want everything! And probably because we have the attitude of that we CAN accomplish anything and everything. We are the group that has grown up from not knowing the existence of Internet to being addicted to high speed broadband, the group of people that has gone from no mobile phones to owning a new smartphone every six months, from having black/white, 1 tons heavy computer screens to walking around, flipping our air weight iPads, having to physically go someplace to obtain information to having information overflow.

One part of me is agreeing of every single bullet point above, at the same time as another part of me is asking “What are we thinking – can we make up our mind already”, talk about not settling for less. But again, why should we settle for less?

We are a group of intellectual people, we think we deserve more than most companies out there can offer us. In Sweden, the number of newly started companies has almost doubled compared to just ten years ago. Connect the dots. Are we choosing our own way because the well-established companies out there are not willing to see our needs?

I wish to believe that more and more companies are willing to see our needs, and if they don’t already they will need to start now. I’m a strong believer of generation our generation, many of us holds higher education at the same time as we absorbe everything around us, because that is what we have learnt to do automatically our whole life.

My suggestions to you Generation Next:ers out there that are just about to take your step into the job market, still keep your goals high and stand for your wishes and dreams, but give that first chance that you come across a chance.

Yes, today’s employers need to work hard on their employer branding to meet our needs, and they need to do it now. And for those that are not meeting us all the way, maybe we could (should) meet them half way. That way we get the chance to change, influence, and lead them in the right path of reaching the way of Generation Next.

My conclusion of the studies I’ve read about Generation Next and by just looking at myself and my friends around me, is that our generation are leaders, not followers!

Are you the typical Generation Next/Y? How do you think employers should approach us in able to attract, hire and retain us?

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