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Quote #13 Every day is a new beginning.

We often think about what might have been and what does that lead us to? It sure does not lead to anything good, because in the end it will only lead to regret. And who wants that? Instead, think of it this way and keep repeating it to yourself when you tend to fall back to the same pattern.

Every day is a new beginning. Stay away from what might have been and look at what can be.


Life as it is…

There are times when a person reach its lowest point and ask himself: Why is life filled with extreme highs and lows?

When you reach that lowest point it’s normal to think why is this happening to me and/or you automatically start thinking about negative things instead of thinking positively. I can honestly say I’ve been there and sometimes still do when I feel I have hit rock bottom, and I’m sure we all have been there, once or twice.

When I do catch myself thinking this way I change my mindset because I know I won’t gain anything by wishing that things could have turned out differently. I also know that I feel worse about myself. So I pick myself up, put a smile on my face and move forward with what is.

It’s times like this when you should be your best, and how can you be your best when you’re complaining, regretting, worried or dismayed?

Each obstacle is just another step toward getting where you want to be. Learn, adapt, re-commit and get quickly back on track. Embrace each moment as it comes. You cannot change what has already been handed to you but you can absolutely find a positive course of action. When you do that, make the most of them. This will make you feel better and by feeling better you will do better!

Why stop dreaming when you wake up?

There is a saying that goes: ”The only way to make your dreams come true is to wake up”.

We at the Upwalk are all about inspiration and motivation, so our response to that saying is: “Why stop dreaming when you wake up”? Keep dreaming and follow your dreams whether you are awake or asleep.

A friend of mine gave me a good advice about whenever I have to make a big decision. My friend told me to always think about it this way: ”What is the worst thing that could happen if I do this? If the worst case scenario is something you don’t think you could live with, than don’t do it. If you can, than go ahead”. So next time you’re in doubt when making a big decision or if you should follow your dreams, think about it this way, I can assure you it will help. It does for me!

The journey to your dream won’t be easy but as long as you keep your eyes fixed on that distant horizon, you’ll get there. Sooner or later!

Quote #6

Quote #6 comes from the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow, successful in her career and a mother of two in great physical shape she explains how results is equivalent to the effort you put in.

Life on a piece of paper

Imaging and sharing quotes (Memes) like above has become a trend. You have probably been liking them on your Facebook or sharing them on your Instagram feed. And if not, you have at least come across them on any social media site, nodding your head in agreement while reading them.

By liking and sharing these quotes, does that mean that we see ourselves and can relate to these statements? Or does it just mean that we recognize them and think it’s fun to share?

I would presume that by liking a quote it would mean that you stand for that quote, just as much as the person who spoke those words originally. But how many of us really live up to these quotes that we claim to like so much that we want to share them with our entire social network?

Can you honestly say that you are actively working to create your life, and not just trying to find it? Do you truly live as if there would be no tomorrow and learn as if you were to live forever? Are you really dancing as if no one was watching? If you do, good for you! If you see my point, why not start now?

There is nothing wrong with liking these quotes and statements. The Upwalk, just like you, loves sharing quotes and wise words from great people, but we encourage you to act upon those that you like, and don’t stop at just sharing. Too often we fool ourselves that we live the life that we preach, that we set the path that we walk when we’re actually just sauntering in circles.

It’s not about knowing the obvious, it’s about practicing it. As much as I love writing, words, letters, how they combine into beautiful meaningful sentences, there is one sad truth – words do not mean anything until they are put into action.

Knowing what’s right is one thing, doing what’s right is another. Making sure that you are truly painting the image that you are visualizing is not easy. But you can do it if you break it done. And if you have a hard time keeping track of all the secret ingredients write them down. That’s life on a piece of paper.

Feel inspired – share your inspiration by being the inspiration.

I Am Bruce Lee

At the Upwalk we talk about how to reach our goals, how we get motivated to move forward, things we do to become successful and the paths we choose to get where we want. In Chinese astrology, 2012 is the year of the Dragon, and so today, in celebration of this year The Upwalk is happy to present a well-known person that put every single part of his body into becoming the greatest he could be and who has set the path for so many others.

Bruce Lee was a master of his art and became that master because he also mastered discipline and determination. When watching the documentary I Am Bruce Lee it is hard not to get inspired and motivated to find the glow within oneself to become that ultimate person one can be.

We’ll leave you with a quote and links to his life documentary for you to interpret your own inspiration from the Dragon Warrior, Bruce Lee.

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.”

– Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee’s daughter, Linda Lee Cadwell, talks about the I Am Bruce Lee production here:

Watch the official trailer here:

Quote #3 & #4

Today, 18 July, we’re celebrating a great man’s birthday by sharing two quotes that is in The Upwalk’s spirit! Feel the inspiration folks!

“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.”

– Nelson Mandela

Happy Birthday from The Upwalk!

Live life and make every moment count!

This post is about lifestyle. It is about experiencing what life has to offer and in doing so, truly living life to the fullest. It’s about constantly bringing more to life… more happiness, energy and pleasure into our own lives and the lives of those around us.

As we only live once, one should live life to the fullest. Whether it is following your dreams no matter how big or small they are, do what you love, make time to enjoy the simple things in life, try new things, find a passion and pursue it or eat great food and spend quality time with good friends. Above all, make every moment count. There are so many ways to live life to the fullest.

By doing so, the most important thing to have in mind is the attitude. It has to be positive because your attitude determines your altitude. This saying refers to flying because the attitude or orientation of the plane determines how high the plane can fly. It is our attitude or the orientation of our thoughts, which determines just how high we can fly! This goes with success in life. This means, if you aim high, even if you don’t reach the moon you’ll end up by the stars.

I’d like to leave you with a quote by Gary Ryan Blair, a goals coach, saying:

“We only live once, but once is enough if we do it right. Live your life with class, dignity, and style so that an exclamation, rather than a question mark, signifies it!”

So what have you got to loose? This is your life. Live for today!

Nothing compares to you

Whatever we do, wherever we are or whoever we are, we all find outselves comparing us to others. The reason why we judge is not because we are opinionated, it’s because it’s based on the fact that we compare them to ourselves.

In our careers, our hobbies, our looks, our feelings… Everywhere!

We are all individuals, which we all are aware of but yet we keep comparing. Why is that?

We might have the same education, we might come from the same city, we might be just as old or young, we might even be twins but that doesn’t mean that we are the same. So why is there a need to always have the , or at least feeling like it. Just because we graduated from the same school does not necessarily make us equally good at what we do, because there is so many other components in life that affect how we perceive facts, experiences and take action on them.

I believe that all this comparing stops us from going forward, and preventing us from reaching our ultimate capacity. If we constantly thrive to be just as good or better than someone else, how can we ever become the best version of ourselves.

We should look at others as inspiration and only compare to the one who makes it fair, and that is only yourself.

Now that is a path in the direction of the Upwalk!

Today’s thinkers: Within the next 24 hours, how many times will you find yourself comparing you to someone else?

These might come from the same tree, but do they always taste the same?

Quote #1

Had a wonderful lunch today with my friend Lina. Talking about life she came to mention her new way of looking at how she wanted to live her life, and she metioned something that her yoga teacher had said that really got to her. It got to me too and so I’m sharing it with all of you!

“How You think is how You feel. How You feel is how You behave. How You behave is the life You create around yourself”

Think about what that means to you. How does your way of thinking affect the life you see?